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More than a quarter of all young people have poorer opportunities to participate, contribute and grow up well due to social inequality. 2.8 million children and young people in Germany are affected by poverty. The ACT2GETHER initiative is committed to providing fair opportunities for these young people. Along with many partners, ACT2GETHER is working on effective solutions against social inequality with and for marginalized young people.

Guiding Principles of ACT2GETHER

  • Working at eye level with young people

  • Empowering young people experiencing deprivation and encouraging them to become active themselves

  • Fostering participation in politics, administration and civil society

  • A participative, cooperative and intergenerational working method with all participants

Initiative #StopptKinderarmut

In Germany, more than one in five children is affected by poverty


Some 2.8 million children in Germany — or one in five — are growing up in poverty. This is not a temporary situation, even though it's been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and carefree environment. For this reason, the initiative #StopptKinderarmut  fights child poverty in Germany.

Nicolas de Leval Jezierski


New JET members


The first meeting with the new JET members took place via Zoom on the 6th of June. What will happen next? The JET will focus on the topics of social inequality and fair opportunities in order to develop its own project. We are looking forward to our new JET and welcome Fabian Ernstberger, Stella Zoe Mussinger, Sebastian Löhrmann and Janine Reinartz!

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Follow-up Projects

Silkscreen Workshops in Saalfeld


Due to the effects of the Corona crisis, the planned follow-up projects have been postponed. Last week the delegation from Saalfeld was able to get back on track with their project "Sonne für Beulwitz" organising a silkscreen workshop for young people. We are happy that such small activities light up the world of young people.

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ACT2GETHER international

ACT2GETHER around the world

The ACT2GETHER initiative was developed and launched together with the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Learning for Well-being Foundation. The Learning for Well-being Foundation focuses on the international activities of ACT2GETHER, e.g. in Bolivia or Amsterdam.

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