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: About the 2GETHERLAND CAMP 2022

Focus on young people!


Social background often still determines the future in our country. Children from poor families have significantly less opportunities for education, development of potential and participation. The corona pandemic has hit the already disadvantaged particularly hard. For many months, environments conducive to development and contact with important caregivers at school and in leisure time were lost. Many children were exposed to very stressful situations during this time and were left to fend for themselves. Their own personal development has been forgotten. This is unfair, and we want to do something about it!


What is planned at the 2GETHERLAND Camp?


At the 2GETHERLAND-Camp from May 1-6, 2022, the focus will be on fair opportunities for socially disadvantaged children and young people. We want to make them strong! We want to support them to rediscover their talent and potential and to finally promote them! We want to encourage them to try out new things - with head, heart and hand!


Together with our partners and the youth expert team JET, we are following up on the great success of the first 2GETHERLAND camp in 2019. Finally, after a long lockdown period, we can come together again for a week with about 250 young people and adults at Werbellinsee. We will discuss, learn, be creative together as well as get to know each other anew.


In a safe environment we want to talk about our own experiences with social disadvantage, develop solutions and what we can do to take action against it. This time, we will take a special look at school: What do children and young people think is needed for a good (all-day) school? Under what conditions do they feel comfortable there? What do they think the relationship with the pedagogical staff should look like? Together, we want to make sure that the ideas from the camp are implemented afterwards in school and during leisure time activities through follow-up projects. Only in this way can we create real change in the fight against social disadvantage!


Be part of it and register as a delegation!


Delegations from all over Germany can participate in 2GETHERLAND 2022, e.g. from a school, a club, a recreational or youth welfare institution. Delegations consist of 2 to 5 children and/or young people aged 8 to 21 years and 1 to 2 adults. They take part in the camp together and carry their new knowledge and experiences back to their own living environment and organization.


Since we only have a limited number of spots available, we would like to ask you to send us a reservation request as soon as possible.


Important: We take into consideration the last fasting days of Ramadan as well as the Eid at the camp.


What does it cost?


Bertelsmann Stiftung will cover the costs of travel to and from the camp, accommodation and meals during the camp for all participating delegations.


Many opportunities for participation!


The whole camp is a place for active participation! It is about thinking, discussing, feeling, playing and also laughing. Furthermore, the participating delegations are invited to actively shape the 2GETHERLAND experience. For example, they can present their own projects on dealing with social inequality and individual empowerment in their own organization. Or pass on experiences, for example, on how to set up your own project, find hidden talents, strengthen relationships, make your own concerns heard or enable the participation of children and young people. Also, contributions to the recreational program such as the instruction of games, sports or other group activities are very welcome. We count on you and your ideas!


Partners of 2GETHERLAND in Germany


2GETHERLAND 2022 in Germany is coordinated by Bertelsmann Stiftung and co-created and supported by other organizations:


• Bertelsmann Stiftung 

• Breuninger Stiftung 

• Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Bundesverband e.V. 

• KinderRechteForum

• National Coalition Deutschland – Netzwerk zur Umsetzung der UN-Kinderrechtskonvention  

Robert Bosch Stiftung 

• SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

Teach First Deutschland