2getherland - Über das Camp

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Making different voices, both younger and older, heard in society: Now it's your turn to discuss social inequality in Germany! 

Social Injustice in Germany

In Germany, social injustice among young people is a serious, complex and persistent problem. One in five children are growing up in poverty. Access to voluntary work is significantly more difficult for young people from disadvantaged families. More than 50,000 young people leave school every year without a diploma. Homelessness is also a harsh reality for many young people. 95,000 children and young people live in foster homes or stationary accommodation. In 2018, the youth welfare offices in Germany have identified more than 50,000 children as being children at risk. Not everyone has access to extracurricular activities and learning opportunities outside school, e.g. in clubs, at music schools, in the theatre. This is an unacceptable problem. 


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2GETHERLAND: What it is about?

The camp is a workplace for fair opportunities and against social inequality. It enables a dialogue with children and young people from deprived backgrounds on their problems, questions and proposed solutions. The camp also stands for individual empowerment and support for participants of all age groups to start their own project for fair opportunities in their town or city, district, school, association or youth club. In cooperation with partners, 2GETHERLAND GERMANY will be organised every two years. The camps give impetus to fair opportunities in educational institutions, youth welfare, politics, administration and civil society. By now, regional 2GETHERLAND camps are also taking place.

A Head, Heart and Hand Learning

The 2GETHERLAND programme is developed jointly by young people and adults. It combines a variety of approaches. It creates spaces for trustful discussions and enables young people to develop their own ideas. At eye level, young and adult participants share and discuss different perspectives, connect with each other across borders, origin and age, learn new things and discover unexpected talents.  


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Attending Delegations

Delegations of young people and adults from, for example, schools, associations or other institutions take part in 2GETHERLAND. Delegations consist of 2 to 5 children and/or young people and 1 or 2 adults. They participate in the camp together and contribute their knowledge and experience to their own organisation.



Participants Are Part of the Programme

The whole camp is designed in such a way that participants can become active themselves, take part and discuss. In addition, the delegations are invited to participate in shaping the 2GETHERLAND. They can present their own projects or creative solutions to tackling social inequality in their own organisation. They can also share their experiences, e.g. on how to set up their own project, make their concerns heard or strengthen the participation of children and young people. They are also encouraged to contribute to the leisure programme, e.g. games, sports or other group activities.

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Long-Term Impact

The participating delegations will be supported to become active themselves after the 2GETHERLAND to start their own projects or actions at home. Therefore, the camp offers the possibility to develop first ideas and plan next steps. After the camp, delegations have the opportunity to receive a coaching for these projects and a project funding. Another objective is to create long-term networking between the participants.